Business Advisory

Business Advisory

As a business grows the requirements to assess financial performance becomes more crucial. Having the ability to budget, review profits, measure cost trends, analyse variances and implement robust systems is what will help transform your business to meet its growth targets (Business Advisory).

There are a variety of financial processes a business will need to suit their growth strategy. Some businesses may need all of them and others may start simple and integrate more as their plan evolves. We believe the important thing is that you plan what suits your requirements as implementing the wrong step at the wrong time can be less efficient, report the wrong information and cost more in re-work and resources to fix incorrect or inaccurate data.

Our structure at Wilkinson Accounting Solutions is not to jump straight in offering day rates. It is often unclear when we engage with a business how much work is required, this is due to the complexity of finance and the different strategies you can implement, therefore to remove the risk of ‘unknown’ costs and to provide the best value we offer a staged approach. 

At this stage we review your end-to-end business model, providing an audit that will assess your financial requirements. We have found this to be more cost effective than getting straight into the detail as it enables us to analyse the key stages, determining what is currently working well and what can be improved, to ensure the actions get prioritised based on their urgency and benefit. The service includes

  • Reviewing your end to end purchasing and bookkeeping processes
  • Reviewing your sales ledger and debt chasing policies
  • Reviewing your month end processes
  • Assesing your current systems and reporting processes
  • speaking to the relevant team members to assess roles and responsibilities
  • Reviewing your financial processes and controls
  • We provide a final report identifying opportunities and risks, whilst prioritising the order based on their benefit.
At this stage we formalise and prioritise the actions that will enable us to implement the recommendations. This will be at activity level and can involve a number of steps including: –

  • Creating detailed process maps on the key area of focus
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to establish who needs to be involved
  • Scope the final solutions and actions to implement agreed actions
  • Quantify how results will be measured
  • Confirm timeline and costing of the final scope

We are now at the implementation stage. Our specialist team will work with you to implement the agreed plans. This includes involving your internal team members where required, ensuring that the financial strategy becomes part of the culture, rather than another task on the to do list.

We will keep track of timelines ensuring the projects are on track, whilst helping you measure the expected results.


We are now at our final stage. Our processes have been fully implemented and you will have a robust financial infrastructure, that will allow you to continue your journey with ease, by having the right processes to enable you to analyse your business performance quickly and accurately.

Our support does not stop there!

We have qualified finance professionals who can support with all key areas of finance from full outsourced purchase ledger teams, to FD support. This is a great way for you to continue receiving professional support, without the need or cash to recruit a full-time in-house finance function.

As we have already become part of your business model and we are confident your structure is ready for ongoing financial support, we will be able to offer a long term relationship, where we will become trusted advisors saving the need to start the process again with a 3rd party.

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